“Delivering a PassivHaus project requires incredibly high levels of care, accuracy and attention to detail at every stage of the design and build. We couldn’t have wished for a better contractor for the Ringmer PassivHaus. Nigel Jeffery took great care to ensure that the detail of the project was delivered in both areas you can see and elements that are built in. That accuracy and care is well represented by the performance of the structure in the air test results, which were better than we have had on any other project, PassivHaus or otherwise. All the Rexstone team were great to work with and the journey was as enjoyable as the destination.”

“Rexstone are a pleasure to work with. The quality of work they produce is always to a very high standard and Nigel’s attention to detail and co-ordination of complex projects is exemplary.”

“Rexstone Builders have a very high standard of care on every building project they have been involved in for our clients. The workmanship is always extremely good and the level of consideration for the client’s wishes by every member of the team, from labourer to the senior company members, is unparalleled. They always go above and beyond that which I see in other contractors. We never hesitate to recommend them to clients looking for a really good quality contractor for their building project. We have only ever used Rexstone on our own personal building projects, which I hope says it all.”

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